This Is Probably Why Most Beautiful Girls Are Still Single

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There are countless reasons a girl can be single but for beautiful girls, it seem like a mystery because everyone think they shouldn’t have a problem getting a man.
Want to know why most beautiful girls are single? Here is why:
PhotoCredit: Brandedgirls
1. Men assume they are taken
This is usually the first assumption and sadly, an assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. People assume that most beautiful girls are taken but the truth is that some of them are taken for granted. Some cry themselves to sleep in the night and pray to God to send a man their way. A little kind gesture to them means so much and they wish it would lead to a date. Not all beautiful girls are chanting “Na them dey rush us”.
2. They are not desperate
Desperation is totally not their thing. Beauty gives confidence and when they stand in front of the mirror and watch how perfect their collar bones look, they prefer to relax and take it easy than run to a man who would strangle them in the name of a relationship. Though, there is a regret attached to this because beauty fades. When the skin starts to grow weaker, they become desperate to cling to any man.
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3. Fear of the Unknown
It is difficult for most beautiful girls to find love. They are always on the lookout to meet the soul that plays like them, fights like them, hold on with determination like them. Their beauty gives them the impression that they deserve everything beautiful but unfortunately life is not fair. The fear of falling into the hands of the bad guys who say all the beautiful things makes them prefer being single.
4. Men are intimidated by their beauty/intelligence
It is true that not all beautiful girls are intelligent. Some are beautifully dumb. However, most of them are quite brilliant, speak very well, drive flashy cars, live in highbrow areas and radiate an intelligent beauty. Men find it difficult to approach them because of fear of rejection.
PhotoCredit: Pinterst
5. Friends and Family come first
Relationships are the last thing on their list. Most of the time they prefer to flirt because commitment is a long shot for them. They value deep friendship and family ties above all else. They want to hang out with their girlfriends and crack jokes all day.
A songwriter once said all a beautiful girl wants to do is just to have fun. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to commit when they see genuine men. So, guys go ahead and shoot your shot.