I am a Millionaire at the age of 34 – Kantanka CEO, Kwadwo Safo Jnr reveals

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Kantanka CEO, Kwadwo Safo Jnr has revealed his Millionaire status.
Sending a heartfelt Father’s Day message to his Dad, Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo, he noted that during the early parts of his youthful days, he was a prodigal son — doing things contrary to what his Father always say and wish for.
However, during those times, his father never gave up on him and still believed in him that he (Kwadwo Safo Jnr) will be the one to take over from him when he’s no more.
And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, that has come to pass and he now loves the matured man he has become.
Nonetheless, at his age, he’s a millionaire and he owes it all to his dad.
Read his full message below:
“I have so many pictures to post of you but I chose these ones for a reason. Growing up I use to hear elderly people I grew up seeing say to me the ‘nana your father said you will take over from him when he is no more’ Everyone that knows me very well will attest to the fact that in a certain point in my life I lost hope in that statement not because you didn’t love me enough, I lost hope in myself because of the things I was doing which were way contrary to everything you stood for.
I remember one time I sat myself down and peacefully accepted that Honorable Adwoa Safo was a better candidate to take over from you than me. A lot of people who are around me and praise me today even believed that too. All along while I was doubting myself hmmmm you knew what was revealed to you. You told lawyer Asamoah and lawyer Badu that ooo leave Kwadwo let him enjoy his youthful days because what’s ahead of him is tough.
Till date I still don’t know when I switched lanes from being the stubborn son that always saw things different from you to the son that explains, accepts and gives a better interpretation of you dream and mission on earth.
I can’t type enough. All you kept telling me is Kwadwo in this life when you are born a man, you are born a warrior. Never stop till you can’t go anymore, a failure is one who quits but once I have breath I will keep going. At my age am a millionaire and have everything I never imagine I would have at this age. Hmmmm.
You are alive And strong yet still you have fully handed over everything you have worked for in life to me. Wow and that still amazes me dad. I will always make you proud. Happy Father’s Day my heart ❤️