Please do these five(5) things immediately, if you want to stop watching pornography [Opinion]

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Good day pals

Some of us will be questioning our lives as to the resolutions we took in January, if we’ve been able to keep to it. We all know that their are so many things we wish to stop doing, but often times we see ourselves doing them. Such things has become an addiction.

One of such thing is watching Pornography.

This act has taken over and destroyed a lot of young men and women who are addicted to it. It has become a big challenge, honestly to some of us. Pornography is very dangerous to our health and life because when you watch it, your mindset, psychology and intellect is greatly affected. Religiously, some of these pornographic materials are highly demonic. That is why after watching them, you become possessed with what you watched. Your body will be on fire, seeking to be satisfied at all cost. That is a bad spirit, I tell you.

But I have good news for us. If you wish to quit watching pornography, Just read carefully these five important things to do :

First, you must realise that you are addicted to pornography.

The first step to deliverance from this terrible addiction, is to realise that you are into it, that it is bad, and that you need to stop it. Without this self realization, you cannot ever stop it.

Second, after you’ve realised the dangers of watching pornography, and that you need to stop, you will forgive yourself and decide to stop at all cost.

Third, you must understand what causes the urge to watch pornography.

The discussions you have, the friends you keep, the places you go, e. T. c. When you notice that your friend loves pornography, please give such friend a distance. If you notice a movie or video has pornographic tendencies, please don’t watch. Also, avoid being lonely at all cost. The Bible says an idle mind is the devils workshop. Engage yourself in something productive.

Fourth, Pray about it and ask God for grace. Yes. By strength shall no man prevail. Pornography has a dirty spirit attached to it. You must therefore ask God to cleanse you and give you His spirit to guide and help you. Remember the Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:22, “Flee also youthful lusts:but follow righteousness,faith,charity,peace,with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart”.

Fifth, Install Anti-pornography applications on your mobile.

This is because the internet is another world altogether. No matter how you try, you’ll always see a nude picture scattered everywhere online. The only way to avoid this is to install an Anti-pornographic application that will block such images and videos from entering your browsing space. You can go to google play and search for one of the apps that will work very well on your mobile device.

I used to be a pornographic addict. But when I realised that I was wasting my life and intellect, I decided to stop. It was never easy, but after I consistently applied these five principles, I was able to overcome.

My dear reader, pornography will never teach you anything good or put money in your account.

Instead, it will lead you into seeking for the desires and satisfaction of the flesh which will cause you sorrow, pain, regret, loss of esteem, diseases, unwanted pregnancy, waste of money on harlots, and even death.

I therefore encourage us to fight this demon. We are stronger than we think. Take a stand today, apply these principles and God will help us.

Thank you so much for reading.

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