10 Ways to Have Fun During the Quarantine

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Quarantine at home with family can bring a lot of stressors . What in the past we used to call “cabin fever”, it can slowly creep in and make being together encapsulated at home a difficult time.
But it does not have to be. There are many fun activities to do as a family and with your children either at home or in your own neighborhood.
Here is a list of 10 ways to have fun during quarantine at home.
1. Board games
Wondering how to keep yourself entertained?
Dust off those old board games and start a new traditional “Board Game Day/Night” with your family. Games like HedBanz or Heads UP, Sorry, Uno, Detective, Monopoly, Uno, etc., can be a lot of fun.
2. Online games
Update game night to an online game or an app (such as House Party) that the whole family can play from the comfort of their own rooms.
3. Family in the yard
Enjoy your front yard/back yard like you have not before. Buy a bag of sand and pour it into a plastic container (hours of fun with the little ones, especially if there’s a water hose around too).
Have your teens lounge on the grass (where they can still be connected with their phones), while you make yourself available for a possible talk.
4. Invent new games
Makeup games such as guessing the color of the next car/truck coming by, or make a game where that day people could not say a certain word (like “can”, “come”, etc.) are some ways to have fun during lockdown or quarantine.
5. Enjoy the outdoors
There are limitations to what you can do, but as long as you are going to exercise, it is still ok to go to parks, bring your bicycles, or go for a run or walk.
6. Drive around
You actually don’t have to get out of the car and later go to the aggravation of disinfecting everyone. You can stay in the car and drive by Clearwater beach – park for a minute or two to hear the ocean and the birds or go by Dunedin Causeway.
7. Go to the beach
Provided they are open: Just remember to plan for going and coming back.
What are the cleaning products you will need to add to your beach-going list? How will you stay safe 6-feet apart from others? Are you going to use the showers to clean off sand? If so, how will you touch those buttons and remain safe?
If you plan well and discuss the plan with your family, you can still have a fun day at the beach.
8. Teach something to someone in your family.
Teach something new to your family or ask someone to teach you something new. Cooking new recipes is one of the best ways to have fun since everyone is eating more at home. There’s also gardening, painting, fixing things, cleaning, etc.
9. Try new diets
Speaking of ways to have fun with food , try to implement a new “eating system” with your family where each family member picks one night of the week to cook something for the family – they can call it the “specialty night” – fixing tacos, pizza, pasta, Chinese, sushi, etc.
If there are nights left, make it “pizza night”, “going out night”, “picnic night”, or “upside-down/breakfast night”.
10. Make fun future plans
Plan and make a list of fun things to do for when the quarantine ends. Talk to your family and make a wish list of activities and/or places you want to go to.
At the end of the day, the most important thing to do is finding ways to de-stress and connect with your family .
Hopefully, soon, this COVID-19 will be conquered and families will be able to return to their normal routine – but now with ways to have fun to look forward to.


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